Teeth Bonding


A tooth coloured resin can be bonded or “glued” to your natural tooth in order to improve it’s appearance.

It is not suitable in all situations but can be considered where there are gaps in between the teeth, to change the shape of a tooth, to increase the length of a tooth, to repair chipped teeth or to improve the appearance of disocloured teeth.

Local anethetic is not always required as only a very very small amount of the surface of the tooth is removed. The tooth surface is then treated with a conditioner and bonding gel to allow of the bonding to take place. The resin is then put into position and is set into position by a dental light. Once the resin is set polishing can take place. Polishing ensures the resin has a high shine very similar to the tooth. The end result will be a highly aesthetic appearance and it will be very difficult to tell where the tooth stops and the resin starts.

Bonding is the least expensive of the cosmetic procedures, however the resins used are not stain resistant. As well as this they do not last as long and they are not as strong as other restorative options such as crown and veneers.

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