Ceramic Braces

All the photos above are of cases we have done here at South Dublin Dental, You can  see them in more detail at the bottom of the page.

Crooked Teeth?

Would you like straight teeth in as little as six months, then six month braces could be the ideal treatment for you. Conventional orthodontic Dentist treatment usually takes between 18 months to two years to straighten your teeth. Six month braces involves a unique way of moving teeth so treatment times can be reduced dramatically.

Would I have to wear metal braces?

At South Dublin Dental we use the Six month braces smiles system, which uses cosmetic ceramic brackets which are almost invisible.

How much will the six month Braces cost?

Prices range from just €1,995 – €2,995. For all our Six Month braces patients we offer payment plans with monthly installments making it more affordable for you as the payments are spread over the length of treatment.

We offer a FREE CONSULTATION appointment where we assess the degree of crowding and likely treatment time. We will also be able to detail a payment plan at this appointment so you know the cost of treatment.

Our prices are INCLUSIVE of all necessary visits, retainers (bonded and removable) and a course of whitening treatment when finished to make your new smile beam.

How often would my appointments be?

This treatment has been designed for adults with busy working schedules in mind, we usually need to see you once a month. We are open late nights (8pm) and early mornings (7am) so we can fit the appointments around your schedule. South Dublin Dental is located just off the M50 making us easily accessible.

How long will it take?

Not all cases take six months. The six month braces treatment varies from as little as 3 months up to 10 months. Length of treatment will depend on how severe the crowding is and how quickly your teeth will move. More and more people are wearing braces these days. Even Niall Horan of One Direction recently had six month smiles treatment recently.

See some of the cases below we have completed here at South Dublin Dental.

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