Scale and Polish


This involves cleaning the teeth to remove hardened plaque (calculus/tartar) from the surface of the teeth which causes the gums to bleed. This cannot be achieved by brushing your teeth alone, although regular brushing and flossing will help keep the calculus to a minimum. We then remove staining on your teeth by polishing.

At South Dublin Dental we do not carry out quick 10 minute PRSI scale and polishes you may see at other clinics. We believe this will not be adequate enough to maintain good oral health in the long term. In order to maintain our high standards of customer service and clinical care, the scale and polish appointment carried out at our clinic is a 30 minute appointment. A thorough clean of your gums and teeth along with detailed oral hygiene advice (protracted scale and polish) are provided. The charge for this treatment is €90, if you have PRSI cover this charge is reduced to €50 once a year.


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