Dental Implants Solution for missing teeth

Teeth can be missing as a result of many reasons, such as trauma, infection, naturally missing etc.

In the past the only way of putting a permanent tooth in an area where a tooth was missing was to put a dental bridge in. However, this involves cutting down and causing harm to the adjacent teeth.

Dental implants have changed the way we approach replacing missing teeth. With implants we insert a titanium implant into the the area where the root of the tooth was. This then fuses with the bone over a period of weeks before we put a dental crown on the implant. It is a great way of replacing the tooth as we don’t have to harm any of the other teeth to do it. Also as the implant is made from titanium it will not decay.

Upper Anterior Teeth Case by Dr. Alec Granville

Below we have a dental implant case we did recently at South Dublin Dental. Two upper anterior teeth had been heavily restored with root canals and post crowns, however they had since been infected as can be seen on the x-rays. These two teeth needed to be removed. After the teeth were removed they were replaced with dental implants and crowns, giving a fantastic natural result appearing like the patient’s other teeth. Please click on the images to see them in more detail

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