Dental Implant Case

The patient in this case presented to our clinic having had a premolar tooth extracted recently which had cracked down the middle leaving the tooth unrestorable.

When the tooth was removed some of the bone on the outside was lost so a bone graft was used to fix that part of the bone when placing the implant. The bone graft is an artificial material which is packed around the implant, it is replaced by your own natural bone over time.

The alternative treatment to fill the gap with a permanent fixture would be to place a dental bridge. This would involve cutting down the tooth either side of the gap so the bridge could fit. This is destructive and can lead to further problems with these teeth down the line.

Dental implants are a great way of filling in gaps without doing harm to any of the surrounding teeth. There is extensive planning involved in placing the implant to get the best restorative result. At South Dublin Dental we offer a free consultation to go through your various options for treatment and come up with a comprehensive treatment plan for you prior to commencing any treatment.

Single tooth implant options start from €1,695 at South Dublin Dental. Give us a call today if you would like to discuss dental implant treatment solutions further.

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